Surya Yoga in English
Surya yog is an advance yoga technique for balancing one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Surya yog is not concerned with one’s religion deity or mode of worship. It belongs to the whole of humanity and cannot be tagged to any group, nation or economy.

We are all aware of the importance of sun in our life. Sun controls the seasons and the passage of day and night. It is the source of all life. The importance of sun was realised very early by the ancient civilizations.
Today the worship of sun has been redefined with a new spiritual system developed by a navi-mumbai based acharya jowel k. Gopinath popularly known as surya swami.

Surya sadhana is developed by surya swami. This course is fully scientific. Surya yog is a beautiful amalgamation of yoga, nada, rishi reki and silence (buddha) and can be performed in nine steps. This technique is conducted outdoors in the morning with the idea of invoking the sun’s energy through a series of exercises. This includes gazing naked eye at the sun, chanting, deep breathing and a few yogic postures.

(1) aalphaa sheetali or sheetali pranayama :- you have to fold the tongue , breathe in through the mouth slowly to the count of 4 seconds. Hold the breathe while doing hold the nostril with ring finger and thumb of right hand and bend the middle finger to touch the base of thumb. Index finger can be opened and kept at the area between the eyes brows. Breathe out through right nostril to the count of 4 seconds (slowly increase it to 8 seconds). Hold the breathe for a second and breathe in through rolled tongue and mouth. Breathe out through left nostril. This completes one pranayama. You have to do 21-22 pranayama to open both nostrils. This exercise not only opens up both nostrils and nadi, it also cools the body.

(2) aalphaa asan :-   (1) hands at the side, slowly raise over head, breathe in (inhale); when hands are at the top, looking up interlock the fingers, turns the palms facing the sky, hold the breathe. (2) slowly bring the hands to the right to a level above the horizon, looking at the fingers exhale 3,5,7,9. Bring the hands above the head, exhale pause for 7 seconds4, 6, 8. Repeat step 2 but move the hands to the back (9). Move the hands to the front towards the ground (10). Bring hands down slowly exhaling pause for few seconds. Repeat step 1-10 two more times.

(3) aalphaa or aura purification and unlock the energy :- rub the palms of your hands together briskly for about 15 to 30 seconds. This helps to actuate the overall sensitivity. Rub the palm of the right hand to the left and vice versa. Keep the right hand in alpha mudra. Unlock the energy by placing(keeping) the thumb in the middle of the left palm and rotate it anticlockwise as it opening a clock. Do the same with the left hand. Keep hands apart and move them to and fro till you feel the magnetic pull. Make a ball of energy. Slowly move the hands to and fro from the earth to draw magnetic energy from the earth. Move hand up and down from the sky to draw cosmic energy. Keeping the fingers curled and maintaining a distance between the hand take them to the back of the head as far as possible and remove all the imourities slowly from all parts of the body. Collect the impurities and give them to surya. Repeat the process twice more, once to remove the impurities from the glands and after wards from the chakra.

Placing a coin
(4) rub the fore-head and place the copper coin at the third eye. Right hand in alpha mudra, place the thumb below the right shoulder and chant gum (guru) then left shoulder chant gam (ganapati) at the heart – pum (parmeshwara) on the head vam (vishnu) as loudly as possible.

(5) sapta rushi dhyan :-  (vibrations from universal masters) rub from the earth hands vigourously . Move them to and fro, get the power, feel the magnatic energy from the earth, look above and while raising hands say om, when hands are stretched in a tunnel shap looking at the sky chant sarva rishiswaraya namaha (bringing the hands down). Repeat the process minimum – 4 times.

(6) look at surya your grand father the only living god. Slowly move hands to and fro, try to push surya and get energy from him. Then hands in position mentally chant “om shri sryanarayanay namah” minimum 10 times. Draw some more energy from the sun, hands in position chant the gayatri mantra minimum 12 timesloudly. Hands in alpha mudra position, look at the sun, inhale and exhale through the third eye. Stand in position and concentrate on surya for at least 2 minutes. Blow down the mother earth, touch the 3rd eye to the ground and ask pardon from nature for mistake done, remove all negative feelings, feel like a small child slowly stand up.

Aalphaa position
(7) slowly raise the hands like a tunnel, palms facing the sky, look up in the east direction then south, west, north and east i.e. A fuul circle each direction at least half a minute. Aalphaa position: close eyes, kept left hand straight at navel, right hand in aalphaa mudra position above the left hand, concentrate on the 3rd eye see beautiful golden light. Now focus at the crown chakra awaken it see the 10 petal lotus blooming. Feel the pranic solar energy entering it. Awaken the chakra there the 12 petal lotus is blooming. Feel the pranic solar energy passing through it. Similarly awaken all the chakras. Then from the tip of spinal cord very slowly via the spinal cord take the energy to the crown see the golden orange light at the crown. You have become a light. Feel the energy passing throughout your body. Pranam surya.

Various names of chakras.

1 crown = sahastrar
2 third eye = agna = ajna
3 throat = vishudha
4 heart = anahat
5 solar = manipur
6 spleen = swadhisthan (nabhi chakra)
7 root = muladhar

Sr No. Chakra Location Colour Nos of petal
1 crown top of the head violet 1000
2 third eye centre of forehead indigo 12
3 throat base of the throat blue 16
4 heart centre of the chest green 12
5 solar above the navel yellow 10
6 spleen over the spleen orange 6
7 root base of the spine red 4

(8) a-u-m vibration: now sit down on a mat keeping both your hands near the navel resion, look up and with tounge out chant ah….as long as loud possible. Rest for a few seconds.  Cross your left hand near the right shoulder and your right hand above it near the left shoulder and chant oh…..pause. Make a pyramid with both hands. Place the right pyramid over forehead and the left pyramid over the head chant mm………  ratio of ah- uh – mm is 1:1.5:3 roll your eye balls up to see the third eye and chant a-u-m at least 3 times.

(9) soham : close your eyes. Breathe through third eye say  so........ While inhaling and  ham........ While exhaling. Then do normal breathing and again say soham. Slowly open your eyes. Bow down to mother earth and in last chant “shanti-mantra”

Asto maa sat gamaya
Tamso maa jyotir gamaya
Mrityo maa amritam gamaya
Loka samasta sukhino bhawantu
Loka samasta sukhino bhawantu
Sarve bhawantu sukhna
Sarve santu niramaya
Sarve bhdrani pashyantu
Maa kaschid dukh bhag bhavet

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