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If you are serving, helping or feeding to others;
you are not doing any favor to them.
If they accept your services, help or
offerings they are favoring you.
                                                          ~ Sant Shree Hari
Sant Sree Hari has been teaching Meditation, Yogas, Mudras, Kriyas for several years. He started the noble work from Hrishikesh and now he has become global. He not only teaches the postures, utilities, Mantras but also authored several Books in English and Hindi. To make the health and mind lovers understand, many of his books have been translated in Russian, French, German, Spanish. Portuguese.

The author’s main objective of writing these books has been to make sure that the basics of discipline reach the common people who are desirous of learning Meditation and Yoga. The website has been developed to enunciate the different postures with practical demonstration and utilities. There is no price for this learning but it is invaluable. His books have been posted in the website for people’s reading (not copying to reproduce).

The Books and practices suggested by Sant Sree Hari will keep one healthier and happier in his/her own way of living.  Viewers are welcome to give their feedback. Sant Sree Hari can be contacted at

Sant Shree Hari
International Viswaguru Meditation and Yoga Institute
Sri Ved Niketan Dham
Swargasharam, Rishikesh (Himalaya)
Uttara khand, India
Pin : 249 304
Phone : 91.9319412158, 91.98100 20570
e-mail :,

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