Diet Chart for Holistic Golden Health in English


  1. All kinds of refined, non-refined and/or hydrogenated vegetable or other oils except those specially recommended.
  2. Big size potatoes.
  3. Milk and milk products except those recommended.
  4. Iodized common salt.
  5. Refined Sugar.
  6. White and Par-Boiled Rice.
  7. Any wheat product like wheat flour chapattis, bread, biscuits, etc.
  8. Cold-drinks, aerated water, packed fruit drinks, biscuits, namkeens and any other such snacks.
  9. Chocolates and ice-cream.
  10. Any non-vegetarian foods.
  11. Any hard drinks.


  1. For all seasonings and otherwise, only pure cow ghee or mustard oil-kachchi ghani (Cold Pressed) to be used.
  2. Black salt and Sendha namak (Rock Salt) to be used instead of common salt.
  3. Brown Sugar or Brown, Unrefined Jaggery instead of Sugar. Honey, dates or figs can be used to sweeten the dishes. Honey must not be used in hot items and it should never be heated.
  4. Brown Rice or Red Rice (Puttu Rice) to be used instead of white or par-boiled rice.
  5. Baby potatoes with skin in place of big potatoes.
  6. Fresh baby corns in place of corn or corn products.
  7. Fresh mushrooms in moderate quantities to be included in vegetable salad.


  1. Never eat fruits and vegetables together. Do not eat anything for at least two hours after you have had any fruit or fruit salad.
  2. Do not take any solid food without a gap of 2-3 hours.
  3. Do not eat unless hungry.
  4. Most fruits and vegetables to be taken with skin and with seeds.
  5. No solid food should be taken after 6 p.m. But if necessary, you can take a single variety of fruit with a spoonful of cow ghee. Your body will appreciate it.
  6. Do Sun gazing at Sunrise with closed eyes for 3 to 15 minutes daily until further advice.
  7. All kitchen spices can be used in moderate quantities to perk up your taste and mood. These are beneficial to one’s health. However, the use of red chilies should be minimum.
  8. Use limited quantity of cashew kernels in dry fruits.
  9. A glass of thin plain buttermilk after breakfast, lunch and dinner will help boost your digestive and other systems.



Mixed fresh vegetable salad sprinkled with one spoonful of cow ghee, salt, pepper and other spices as per personal choice followed by curd rice prepared as recommended in brown or red rice. Curd rice can be prepared/seasoned  with ghee and spices.


Mixed fresh fruits and dried fruit salad along with one spoonful of pure honey. Dried fruits should include Mamra Almonds, Walnuts, Resins, Figs, Dates, Green Pistachios (not salted) with minimum of cashew kernels. Use all dry fruits as raw only (not roasted or fried). You can soak them in water before consuming for better assimilation by the body.


Sprouts of moong, chana and groundnuts with or without light seasoning along with fresh, raw vegetable salad. Sprouts of moong alone can also be taken.


Upma made of equal proportion of Red Rice, Barley, Bajra and Green Gram  Ravas. For sweet upma, use dried fruits  and/or jaggery and for hot upma, use  vegetables and green chilies and/or spices.


Idlis made of Brown Rice Rava and Methi Rava. Occasionally, you can take  normal idlis also or idlis of brown rice, methi and soya ravas.


Pongal/khichadi made of Brown Rice with minimum quantity of pulses  (Moong or Urad with skin) in it.


Mixed, fresh vegetable pulav prepared in brown/red rice along with mixed,  fresh vegetable salad as recommended above for breakfast.


Plain Brown/Red Rice with vegetable curry prepared in butter milk or vegetable samber (without dal) made with methi seeds. Green peas curry or green chana curry or cabbage curry or any green leaves curry can be taken. Use amchoor or kokum as  condiments in place of tamarind.


Mixed fresh vegetable salad as recommended above, followed by chapatis made of  Brown Rice/Red Rice/Gram/Ragi/Jowar/Bajara flours. You can mix any of the above  combinations to make delicious missi rotis. You can also add spices in flour for taste. You can add cow ghee or butter milk for better taste and assimilation. For best results, soak any of the above prepared rotis in butter milk for 30-45 minutes before eating.


Raab made out of  bajra, jowar, barley, ragi or red rice flour in butter milk for easy  digestion and immediate energy. Raab is a very healthy diet for all age groups and  can also be taken at any time of the day. Sweet Raab can be prepared using jaggery  and/or dry fruits while hot Raab can be prepared using spices and/or vegetables. Raab  is prepared by cooking the above mentioned flours after soaking these flours in butter  milk for 6-8 hours (for best assimilation and taste). And, allow it to cool down  naturally. Bajra or Ragi Raab is suggested specially.

Other guidelines

  1. To prepare brown/red rice, please dry roast the rice on a low flame and then soak it in water overnight/for one to two hour before cooking.
  2. Do not eat almonds with skin. Please soak almond kernels overnight in water and then peel out their skin before eating. Use only Mamra almonds (Badam).
  3. One should give at least 3-4 days time to one’s body to adapt to any new diet schedule. Or, make your own timetable of 4-6 weeks to get 100% used to this new diet plan.
  4. Please eat one clove, 1/2 onion and 1-2 pods of garlic along with vegetable salad compulsorily.
  5. Please avoid taking water and any food item kept or stored in a refrigerator.
  6. For a change in routine, you may interchange breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes.
  7. Avoid all white poisons – White flour, White Rice, White Sugar, White salt, Yeast, bread biscuits and all dairy products except thin butter milk. They are slow but sure poison for human beings’ divine body which can easily sustain itself for 100 years of normal, working life should all the wrong foods and wrong food combinations be avoided. Right food and food combinations will take you to spirituality and divine way of living.
  8. Korabbeayam Rice can be taken.
  9. All kitchen spices to be used moderately.  Red chillies to be avoided or to be used as minimum as possible
  10. Prepare curd rice in a traditional way by putting rice in milk and adding a curd sample to make it curd rice recipe. You can pop it , season it with spices, chilies before consuming.
  11. Whenever natural instinct says, take only fruits or only raw vegetables salad  or dry fruits only- may be the whole day. Just honour the body requirements/messages.
  12. Make one day in a week a grain free day by consuming just fresh fruits whole day (not juices) with cow’s ghee and a spoonful of honey. Salt and spices can be used. You can also go in for only  raw vegetables day whenever your body so demands. Your grain free day can also be only raw food day.
  13. Coconut water can be taken once in a day only, preferably with ginger, tulsi and/or honey.
  14. You can take badam milk or coconut milk made out of fresh coconut solids with or without almond kernels in place of dairy milk.
  15. Green salad with spices can be prepared using cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, raddish, cabbage, beetroot (only in a small quantity), fresh mushrooms, coriander leaves, curry leaves, compulsorily with ½ to one onion and 2-4 pods of garlic and 1-2 pieces of cloves.
  16. Avoid fruit and vegetable juices. However, fruit or mixed vegetable punch prepared in a mixer can be taken. This will ensure fibre contents and also help swallow it if you have a problem in chewing because of dental problems. But chewing should be preferred, if not inconvenient.
  17. A cup or two of coffee or tea in a day (without refined sugar) is not harmful. Green tea should be preferred.
  18. Use of microwave oven can be done sparingly.
  19. Tulsi tea (with tulsi leaves, cloves, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger) can be taken 2-3 times a day. You can add a few drops of lemon juice for taste.
  20. Lemon juice without using refined sugar and common salt can be taken.
  21.  Black green tea with one tea spoonful of lemon juice will keep you active and energetic the whole day with a good restful sleep in the night.
  22. Take only small, ripe kasturi banana with skin and do not take red colour papaya.
  23.  Do not take more than 4-5 Dates in a day. Dates go well with pure ghee.
  24. Do not take honey more than 2-4 tsp per day.
  25. Take boiled water instead of bottled water.
  26. Human body is a natural phenomenon and the nature wants it to be close to natural way living and eating for good health whether physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual non ignorance. One can feel that only by observing natural way of eating, drinking and regular Sun gazing. This diet chart will help you advance towards ultimate holistic, golden health and even help achieve divinity.
  27. It is strongly recommended to follow the above diet plan sincerely for at least 15-30 days. Watch the results yourself instead of seeking opinions of others. Please trust your own body messages and responses rather than observing other peoples’ experiences. Each body is unique and different and each body’s chemistry is different and has its own requirements and needs. Therefore, give some time to your body, observe changes and keep moving ahead.
  28. After the successful observance of the above diet plan, a more specific and advanced diet plan can be prescribed.
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